No armband, no gesture or kiss … No sign of protest from the Devils before the kick-off of the match against Canada

Iranian players refused to sing their national anthem to protest against the repression in their country, the Germans put their hands over their mouths in the official pre-match photo to protest against FIFA’s decision to ban (under pain of sanctions) the “One Love” armband… But what were the Devils going to do?

All eyes were fixed on the behavior of the Belgian players. Would Eden Hazard dare the sanction of the yellow card by putting on the “One Love” armband? This is not the case because the captain of the Devils has chosen the classic armband authorized by FIFA.

Likewise, were Eden Hazard and Jan Vertonghen going to kiss before the game? This was the idea put forward on Instagram by VRT presenter Siska Schoeters. “Deal. We just have to convince Eden”, had commented Vertonghen under the publication before deleting his reaction. Finally, there was no kiss between the two players.

Like the players, the German Minister of the Interior also made a gesture of protest in Qatar (PHOTOS)

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