No final for Team Antwerp on 3X3 World Tour in Utsunomiya


No final for Team Antwerp, the number 2 in the world, at the first World Tour event of 2022 and in Utsunomiya, Japan. In the semi-finals Raf Bogaerts, Nick Celis and Thibaut Vervoort lost 21-17 to Ub. The Serbs are the number 1 in the World Ranking.

Team Antwerp could only have three players in Japan and after a positive corona test from Caspar Augustijnen. Without being able to replace, after a wonderful tournament, with two out of two in group D versus Vienna (Austria) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and a win in the quarterfinals against Olympic champion Riga (Latvia), the barrel was of course finished. Team Antwerp earned at least $18,000 with their top 4 place. If the ranking is made after the final, they may still be able to finish third and earn $24,000.

Team Antwerp now travels to Mongolia. Maxime Depuydt, Caspars Augustijnen and Bryan De Valck will probably join the selection for a practice internship. Next weekend Team Antwerp will participate in the Challenger in Ulaanbataar. From Mongolia it goes to the Philippines. The World Tour in Manila is scheduled for 28 and 29. (cpm)

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