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The defender believes that Vozão needs to give an answer to the fans after the last bad results

Photo: (Kely Pereira/AGIF) - Gabriel Lacerda gave a press conference in Ceará this Tuesday (10)
Photo: (Kely Pereira/AGIF) – Gabriel Lacerda gave a press conference in Ceará this Tuesday (10)

Ceará is ready to face Tombense this Wednesday (11), at 19h, at Castelão, for the return game of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil. After winning the first leg by 2 to 0, away from home, Vozão hopes to secure the classification to the round of 16 of the tournament. For that, Dorival Júnior will have to overcome the high number of embezzlements barred by the medical department. However, Gabriel Lacerda does not believe that this explains the recent bad results of the alvinegra team.

In a press conference this Tuesday (10), the defender, who will be starting due to the injury of Luiz Otávio and the suspension of Messias, minimized the number of casualties in the Ceará DM: “I don’t think it has disturbed much, no. If we had had good results, no one would be remembering so many players in the DM. It is needed both on the field and off. They pass experience. All available players can respond in the best possible way”, declared Lacerda.

Due to the absence of the titular duo, Gabriel Lacerda has lived his second longest streak in the main team of Vozão, as he started playing in the last five matches. Despite having the classification on the way in the Copa do Brasil, Ceará did not start the Brazilian Championship the way it would like, since it is in the relegation zone, in 17th position, with three points added in four games. And the defender believes that the duel against Tombense can reverse the scenario.

Lacerda projected the decision in the Copa do Brasil, explaining that Ceará’s focus is to give an answer to the black and white fans after the last bad results: “Tomorrow’s game (11) is very important. Gotta stay connected. It’s not just by the score ahead that everything is right and has already qualified. We have to do the best result and come out victorious. Even because of the negative results, the embarrassment we had a little while ago, we have to keep showing it”, concluded the defender.

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