Nando Nöstlinger's beautiful goal (right) yielded only one point.

Nando Nöstlinger’s beautiful goal (right) yielded only one point. © koen fasseur

A point that feels like a defeat. Cappellen took the lead twice against Tongeren, but saw the beckoning victory slip out of their hands in injury time. “We are left very disappointed,” said goalscorer Nando Nöstlinger.

The home side clearly had the better of the game in the first half. “The 1-0 half-time score was well earned,” says Nöstlinger. “Not only did we control the game, we also had plenty of chances to score more than once. Unfortunately that did not work and that broke us in the second half.”

Difficult second half

Cappellen did indeed have a more difficult time after the break. “Nevertheless, after Tongeren’s equalizer, we managed to climb ahead again. Moreover, we were in a good position and, all in all, we didn’t give much away. That’s why the late equalizer hit so hard. Especially since it wasn’t even a chance. With such a long shot, it is mainly all or nothing,” said the goalscorer. And so it became everything for the visitors. “As a result, we were left very disappointed. And not only because the equalizer only came in the 92nd minute. If there was one team that deserved to win, it was us. On the other hand, we can rely on the delivered level of play. I thought we played a good game.”

Cappellen has been waiting five games for a new victory. “However, it is certainly not the case that we are playing badly. Only last week in Londerzeel (5-1 defeat, editor’s note) we had an off-day, but in all other matches it could just as well have turned out completely differently. It’s just all been a bit lately. While the leather often fell very well for us at the beginning of the season, it is often just not right now”, Nöstlinger concludes his analysis.

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