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Jorge Jesus disrupted the atmosphere of the Most Beloved in Brazil

Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo
Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo

The climate in Flamengo is quite “warm”. Jorge Jesus’ statements fell with a ‘bomb’ in the club and moved the fans’ social networks. Many want Mister’s immediate return, but others disapproved of the Portuguese’s attitude. The manager of “PS” manifested and criticized the position of the former commander of Mais Querido.

The situation still has a lot of repercussions and new information involving the same characters has viralized on the web. Paulo Sousa didn’t like the meeting between Gabigol – the team’s main player – with “JJ” days ago. Both had dinner and a photo was leaked. The flamengo commander expressed this internally that he did not like this situation, but did not want to add fuel to the fire because of the current moment.

the journalist Venê Casagrande confirmed the veracity of the news in his YouTube video before adding about Jorge Jesus’ position: “Paulo Sousa didn’t like it even when Gabigol had gone to dinner with coach Jorge Jesus, but he wouldn’t get involved in that either. Now, JJ after these statements, the atmosphere is hostile between the two Portuguese coaches (…)”, informed the sector.

The direction flamingo supports Paulo Sousa and says that there is no movement for the change of coach. The red-black fans are divided, but it is certain that the pressure on the current flamenguista commander will be very great. Even more so because, on the weekend, Mengão will face Botafogo and the classic is always decisive, which generates repercussions.

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