Nothing stops the Stromae phenomenon which releases a new single

It’s been a very long wait but since he’s back, we can’t stop him. Stromae released his new single on Monday, following the fantastic concert he gave yesterday at Werchter Boutique. This is the fourth excerpt from Multitude. Already !

After “Santé”, “L’enfer” and “Fils de joie” whose clip was shot at the Cinquantenaire, here is “Mon Amour”. A title based on a couple’s story like there are several in his latest album. Coluche would have said : “It’s the story of a guy who does anything and then is surprised that his wife leaves him. He thinks the world fell on his head when he kinda looked for it.” Stromae had explained that this song expresses the point of view of a woman in this matter.“But you shouldn’t take it too seriously,” he hastens to say in the video capsule dedicated to the piece to see on his YouTube channel . “I see it more as a little joke. It’s quite light. He doesn’t take anything seriously. This guy is not serious.”

His brother signs the music

Musically, it is Stromae’s brother, Luc, artistic director of Mosaert and therefore also a composer in his spare time, who signed the instrumental. He was inspired by a sample of Venezuelan music. It is true that the version proposed on the disc has indeed Latin sounds.

On stage during the presentation ofMultitude at the end of February at Palais 12, on the other hand, it was an a cappella version that the singer had performed as a conclusion to his concert.

Since his return, Stromae has been a big hit. His album is double platinum. He monopolizes the radio waves at home as in France. It is one of the performances most noticed by the American media during the Coachella festival last April. It’s not nothing because it’s the biggest music festival in the world. The competition here is fierce!

As for his concerts with us, they are all sold out. This is the case for Les Ardentes in Liège on July 10, as well as for the 6 dates scheduled at Palais 12 on March 15, 16 and 17, 2023 and the following June 1, 2 and 3.

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