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After Lucas Rangel, who invested more than BRL 200,000 in ‘Luks’, Nyvi also decided to enter this field

Photo: Twitter/Nyvi Estephan
Photo: Twitter/Nyvi Estephan

In a generation where robots, NFT sales and the metaverse are commonplace, older people and people from other times end up getting “lost”. After all, there is a lot of technology emerging in recent years and, with the advancement of studies, our planet is getting closer to reaching even more expansive levels. Recently, influencers have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Lucas Rangel, for example, invested a lot of money in his avatar in the metaverse. According to the blogger himself, BRL 240 thousand reais were spent. The comedian created the ‘Luks’, which has already gained thousands of followers. He was one of the pioneers in this regard and says that his doll will be doing advertising campaigns soon, having negotiations with some brands.

After Lucaswho also entered this environment was Nyvi Estephanwhich announced ‘Nalla’, her sister in the metaverse. in contact with the ‘TecMundo’she commented on the topic: “I see all things that are inaccessible to the real world, but infinite in the virtual world. The pandemic has accelerated tech connections and taken a step back from physical connections.”.

“I made all her image and property records, precisely to avoid the possibility of people trying to misuse her. In addition to her having my features, which, under the law, is another layer of protection so that her image is not used without my permission. My lawyers are ready so that she never suffers anything like I did.”finished.

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