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Dead end: Sina Happel (centre) and her TV Hüttenberg are relegated to the state league despite the final win against TSG Walldorf. PHOTO: FRIEDRICH © Harald Friedrich

The 23:19 victory against TGS Walldorf is not enough for the women’s handball league of TV Hüttenberg. Coach Peter Tietböhl says: “We left too much behind during the season.”

(mol). In the end, even a home win was no longer enough: TV Hüttenberg had to start the bitter transition to the middle women’s handball league. On the last day of the relegation round in the Oberliga, the team of Peter Tietböhl and Andreas Scholz got rid of their compulsory task and beat TGS Walldorf 23:19 (12:8), because the central Hessian rival HSG Wettenberg didn’t give up a little later and also won, the TVH is relegated!

“We did really well today for long stretches and deserved to win. A quarter of an hour before the end we thought the game was over, then we played sloppily in attack,” said TVH coach Peter Tietböhl. “Moreover, Walldorf really gave it his all again. All in all, it’s a shame that it wasn’t enough, of course, but over the course of the season we simply left too much behind.”

In the early stages, the pressure of having to win was still slightly felt on the hosts (2:3, 8th minute), but there was no sign of it in the following phase of the game. Hüttenberg didn’t concede a goal in the next eight minutes and, thanks to high effectiveness, scored six times himself (8:3, Lisa Naumann).

A time-out by the guests led to a brief improvement (5:8, 17th), but the Tietböhl/Scholz squad then had everything under control and maintained a stable lead over 10:6 (20th) and 11:7 (24th) also until the break 12:8. There was no sign of the fact that the top scorer, Lisa Tietböhl, was unable to play due to illness.

If Walldorf was at least still in the game after 30 minutes and a four-goal deficit, a furious TVH made the preliminary decision in record time after the break. It only took a good ten minutes for the Hüttenberg team to pull away to 17:10 after Melli Braun’s goal. And when left-hander Louisa Andermann threw in a quarter of an hour before the end to make it 20:12, the Hüttenberg home win seemed unshakeable.

A good seven minutes, two time penalties and four goals in a row later, TVH coach Tietböhl had to give his ladies another time-out (20:16, 52nd). But the Hüttenberger flow of play was now completely gone, and after the 19:22 (57 th ) there was trembling again for a short time. After Walldorf had missed the 20th goal, Verena Seipp made everything clear in return with the 23:19. At that point in time, no one in the TVH camp could have guessed that this victory would be meaningless three hours later due to the success of HSG Wettenberg.

Hüttenberg: Plutzas, Naß – Rüspeler, Seipp (1), Lisa Naumann (6/4), Happel (1), Hickel (2/2), Ida Tietböhl (4), Fischer (3), Löffler (1), Andermann (1), Brown (4), Walter, Roos.

Walldorf: Schulte – Hicking (4), Kilp, Werner (2), Schäfer (2), Kornhuber, Unnold, Schönhaber (2/1), Rausch (1), Gastgeb, Zimmermann (1/1), Grote (5/ 1), penitents (2).

Shorthand: SR: Lippert/Lippert (Obertshausen) – spectators: 80 – time penalties: five (Seipp two, Andermann, Walter, Roos) – four (Kilp, Schäfer, Kornhuber, Grote) – seven meters: 7/6 – 8/3 .

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