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World Cup 2030

The Vice President of Paraguay, Hugo Velázquez, informed that his country together with Chile, Argentina and Uruguay relaunch the candidacy to receive the centenary of the World Cup jointly. La Roja can host again as in 1962 and the request will be based on the tradition of South American soccer and its importance in the planetary tournament.

Chile is part of the official candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup.
© Agency OneChile is part of the official candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup.

The 2030 World Cupwhich will celebrate the centenary of the most popular sports competition on the planet, now officially has Chili as a candidate to host jointly with Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

It should be remembered that the first World Cup was played in 1930 in Uruguay, and it was the Vice President of Paraguay, Hugo Velázquez, who announced the desire and joint candidacy of the four South American countries to host the competition.

“Today we have made the political and sporting decision to relaunch the possibility of holding the 2030 World Cup in South America, and in these four countries,” Velázquez said after a meeting in Paraguay between sports ministers and representatives of the four countries.

The Paraguayan vice president added that “we are going to resort to the history of world football, because the first World Cup was in South America. We also had the presence of the representative of the Development Bank of Latin America, who offered to establish the possibility that they finance the infrastructure works that would be presented in the different countries”.

Likewise, the Bolavip journalist and Playmaker ambassador, Juan Pablo Varsky, explained the scope of the event through his VarskySports account on Twitter.

“Representatives of the governments of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile reached an agreement to relaunch the joint candidacy to organize the 2030 World Cup. The official work table will work in Montevideo starting in July,” the trans-Andean journalist reported.

Varsky states that “the political decision is supported by the Member Associations. The axis of the proposal will be based on the historical value of South American football. An austere plan capable of complying with the necessary infrastructure works will be presented. There are already talks to finance them”.

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