Official: Nafi Thiam is going to European Athletics Championships, Belgium with mega delegation to Munich

The most striking name in the Belgian selection is Nafi Thiam. That she is on the list indicates that she is very much considering taking part in the heptathlon in Munich, just three weeks after her world title in Eugene. There she indicated that she would later decide on her participation in the European Championship.

The last two places at the Belgian Tornados have not yet been filled. This will have to wait until after the Flanders Cup in Kessel-Lo on Saturday evening, where Jonathan Sacoor and Jonathan Borlée will play. Already sure of their place: Kevin and Dylan Borlée, Alexander Doom and Julien Watrin.

At the previous European Championship, in 2018 in Berlin, Belgium won six medals. Rutger Smith, top sports coordinator of the Flemish Athletics League, recently stated that he hopes for even more in Munich.

The full selection:

Men: Kobe Vleminckx (100m, 4x100m), Robin Vanderbemden (200m, 4x100m), Kevin Borlée (400m, 4x400m), Dylan Borlée (400m, 4x400m), Alexander Doom (400m, 4x400m), Eliott Crestan (800m), Tibo De Smet ( 800m), Aurèle Vandeputte (800m), Ismael Debjani (1,500m), Ruben Verheyden (1,500m), Tarik Moukrime (1,500m), Isaac Kimeli (5,000m, 10,000m), Michael Somers (5,000m, 10,000m), Simon Debognies (10,000m), Michael Obasuyi (110m hurdles), Julien Watrin (400m hurdles, 4x400m), Dries Van Nieuwenhove (400m hurdles), Tim Van de Velde (3,000m steeple), Rémi Schyns (3,000m steeple), Thomas Carmoy (high jump), Ben Broeders (pole vault), Philip Milanov (discus throw), Timothy Herman (javelin throw), Koen Naert (marathon), Soufiane Bouchikhi (marathon), Nicolaï Saké (marathon), Thomas Van der Plaetsen (decathlon), Niels Pittomvils (decathlon), Valentijn Hoornaert (4x100m), Ward Merckx (4x100m), Jordan Paquot (4x100m), Simon Verherstraeten (4x100m),

Women: Rani Rosius (100m, 4x100m), Delphine Nkansa (100m, 200m, 4x100m), Imke Vervaet (200m, 4x400m), Cynthia Bolingo (400m, 4x400m), Camille Laus (400m, 4x400m), Naomi Van den Broeck (400m, 4x400m ), Vanessa Scaunet (800m), Elise Vanderelst (1,500m), Lisa Rooms (5,000m), Anne Zagré (100m hurdles), Paulien Couckuyt (400m hurdles), Hanne Claes (400m hurdles, 4x400m), Nina Hespel (400m hurdles ), Eline Dalemans (3,000m steeple), Vanessa Sterckendries (hammer throw), Mieke Gorissen (marathon), Hanne Verbruggen (marathon), Astrid Verhoeven (marathon), Nafi Thiam (heptathlon), Noor Vidts (heptathlon), Marine Jehaes (4x100m ), Elise Mehuys (4x100m), Mariam Oularé (4x100m), Rani Vincke (4x100m), Helena Ponette (4x400m)

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