OHL players go on boxing lessons in the run-up to a duel for leadership against Antwerp


Marc Brys got creative with the heat this week. OH Leuven often trains twice a day, but earlier this week the second training was replaced by an indoor boxing class to escape the sun.

“And actually those are very interesting workouts, because it instills balance and stability,” says Brys. “Most players like it when they don’t get hit too much.” We’ll have to wait and see if it will be a boxing match on Sunday at the Bosuil, but the stakes are clear: the leader’s place. Antwerp and OH Leuven are the only teams that started with six out of six.

“We still need reinforcements, but that race is above all a good time to test the extent to which our principles can stand,” said Brys. “After that six out of six, a lot of beer and champagne has been drunk here,” he jokes. “No, that good start strengthens the group in its faith, but everyone realizes that there is no reason to be euphoric.”

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