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Orlov estimated the chances of Spartak to break a ten-year streak without victories in St. Petersburg

Gennady Orlov believes that Zenit is stronger than Spartak and will win the upcoming Super Bowl match. The meeting will take place on July 9 at the Gazprom Arena stadium

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Photo: TASS

Spartak has a chance to break the ten-year streak without victories in St. Petersburg, however, at the moment, Zenit bypasses the red-whites in many ways and is the clear favorite in the match. This was announced to RBC Sport by sports commentator Gennady Orlov.

“There is always a chance to interrupt the series, but most likely once again we will see Zenit prove on the football field why it is the champion of the country. Zenit is clearly stronger than Spartak, but we still don’t know what state it will be in at the time of the Super Bowl. A lot can happen in football, but I think that Zenit will leave the super cup in St. Petersburg for another year, ”said Orlov.

The Russian Super Cup will be held in St. Petersburg despite the protests of Spartak


On June 10, the RFU announced that the bureau of the executive committee of the organization had decided to hold the game between Zenit and Spartak for the Super Cup on July 9 at the St. Petersburg stadium. Applications from stadiums in Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan were also considered.

FC Spartak opposed the game in St. Petersburg, offering to play the match in Luzhniki. After the announcement of the decision to hold the game in St. Petersburg, the Moscow club published a parody of the Internet meme “No one came to the fan meeting”, hinting at a possible boycott of the game.

Zarema Salikhova, the wife of the Spartak owner, also spoke out against holding the game in St. Petersburg. A former member of the board of directors of the club said that the RFU is interested in holding the match for the Russian Super Cup in St. Petersburg.

Since 2017, Zenit has been hosting the club’s home matches at the Gazprom Arena. Zenit and Spartak played at the new stadium six times. Zenit won five victories, one match ended in a draw. The goal ratio is 18:4 in favor of Zenit.

The last time Spartak beat Zenit away at the Petrovsky stadium was in 2012 with a score of 3:2.

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