Rodrigo de Paul did not have a great performance against Saudi Arabia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. (Xinhua/Meng Dingbo)

The world champion dedicated a few words to him at the wheel of the National Team, prior to the match against Mexico.

This Saturday, November 26, the Argentine National Team will play a transcendental match against Mexico (from 4:00 p.m., Argentina time, at the Lusail stadium), with the hope of obtaining a victory and being able to qualify for the round of 16 of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

One of the keys to the meeting goes through Rodrigo DePaulwho in recent times was the engine of the team led by Lionel Scaloni, however, did not perform well in the unexpected defeat against Saudi Arabia.

For this reason, Oscar Ruggeri, in the middle of the soccer debate on ESPN Fútbol (ESPN), asked to speak and surprised with a effusive harangue dedicated to the midfielder who belongs to Atlético de Madrida great figure in the victory in the Copa América 2021 in Brazil and in the Finalissima 2022 against Italy, titles that placed Argentina as a candidate -according to the opinion of many coaches of different teams- for the great World Cup event.

“I want to talk to De Paul, I want to talk to De Paul… I know that Messi is going to be fine. Now I want to talk to him, here”started the world champion in Mexico 1986. And Sebastián “El Pollo” Vignolo, driver of the cycle, gave him the place so that the former defender could send his words of encouragement to the engine of the Argentine midfield.

So, Ruggeri, with a serious tone and looking at the camera, launched: “Look De Paul… Fundamental for the team, but fundamental. We need you… That little engine that doesn’t stop, you have to go back to that, because you’ve done it since you’ve been with Scaloni, everywhere”.

“You did it with Brazil, against Italy. The team needs that medium, guys… That they take charge, grab the ball, that they don’t leave it to the central defenders for a long time, that they grab it and take charge of the team. When they make the team play, Messi then appears without a problem”continued the former defender, also adding Leandro Paredes and Enzo Fernández to his harangue, who is shaping up to replace Alejandro “Papu” Gómez in midfield.

“You, De Paul, you can give the first pass badly, the second. But from the head, as you are, you have to get in again. Ask for it and pass it again, nothing happens. We need you because it’s a World Final for you, it’s the World Final. Is?”Ruggeri reaffirmed.

Rodrigo de Paul did not have a great performance against Saudi Arabia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. (Xinhua/Meng Dingbo)

And he closed: “And I fully trust that you, who excited us. That team, which brought us here saying that we are serious candidates, that team has to show up and prove it now on Saturday. Clever”.

After Ruggeri’s words, Vignolo shared his message and gave his opinion: “I trust this team to death. To death, to death. Also in the temper of this team, in the emotional factor.” And the host and rapporteur gave his vote of confidence to the Argentine midfielder: “That De Paul played badly the other day… I can play a game badly. It amazes me because he always plays well. And he is going to be the engine of the Argentine team again.”


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