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Chile faces Slovakia this Sunday in the last friendly of 2022. Patricio Yáñez wants to see Darío Osorio, Diego Rubio and Lucas Assadi together in attack.

Pato Yáñez asks Berizzo to play it with an unprecedented trident
© Guille Salazar, RedGol/Agencia OnePato Yáñez asks Berizzo to play it with an unprecedented trident

The Chilean team returns to the pitch this Sunday to close the 2022 season. La Roja will face Slovakia at 9:30 a.m., in the last friendly of the year and where Patricio Yáñez hopes to see an unprecedented trident: Darío Osorio, Diego Rubio and Lucas Assadi.

The team led by Eduardo Berizzo had a great game against Poland last Wednesday, but once again fell into agony. Given this, the former striker asks to change things in the attack, which has been fighting with goals for a long time.

In the latest edition of ESPN F90, Patricio Yáñez addressed the problem of Chile’s attack and left a clear message to Toto to freshen things up. “With the desire to try, I wish Eduardo Berizzo had the ability to leave Alexis Sánchez on the bench,” he launched.

There the panelist asked to give the Wonder Boy rest and take the opportunity to play for new faces. “Let him watch the game, he is already a proven player, who has certain characteristics and is playing in a new position at Marseille. And I would put these two boys in the lead: Assadi and Osorio.”

Mentioning the two young figures from the University of Chile, Patricio Yáñez stressed that he wants to see them “in the weakest, weakest area, where Chile has shown less.”

“According to what they have played, what Chile has lacked is what these two guys have: receive from behind, turn, face, change of pace,” he added.

But with Darío Osorio and Lucas Assadi more engaged, only the forward would need to be defined, which for Patricio Yáñez is clear. “Diego Rubio above and these two loose in the generation zone, without perhaps touching the back too much. I would dare that. Not for putting the backpack in, but for characteristics”.

Chile wants to close the year with the first victory of the Berizzo era

Beyond the formation that Eduardo Berizzo has in mind, the Chilean team will jump onto the field trying to break the losing streak. With Toto on the bench, La Roja has not been able to celebrate and continues without adding wins.

In six games led at the adult level, they have four losses and two draws (one of them ended in a penalty shootout against Ghana). The only joy was with the sub 23 against Peru, where Darío Osorio and Lucas Assadi played precisely.

The Chilean team has a tough task ahead and urgently needs to hug again. Slovakia is the ideal rival to test new variants and thus give the long-awaited replacement a run for its money.

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