Check HERE with your RUT if you have pending bonuses to collect

The State grants multiple bonuses and benefits for the populationthen check if there are any that you have not collected yet.

© Agency OneCheck HERE with your RUT if you have pending bonuses to collect

Our country is experiencing a complicated economic situation, which has been caused in part by the high inflation that exists, which has led to the increase in prices of the vast majority of products and the rising cost of living.

Also the pandemic greatly affected the employment and life of the most vulnerable families in the country. That is why the Government has tried to help the population with various benefits.

There are several state bonds and subsidies that must be collected by their beneficiaries, and if they do not do so on the deadline, they will lose the money and it will return to the state coffers. Each voucher has its own expiration dateso you should check as soon as possible if they expired.

The vast majority of these benefits are transferred to the person’s bank account, but there are those who decide to withdraw the money from in person at branches of Banco Estado or Caja de Compensación Los Héroes.

What benefits can be collected?

There are many benefits that can be collected, but below we will tell you about the best known:

How do I know if I have pending payments of any benefit?

In it Banco Estado’s “You didn’t charge it” website you can check if you have any pending state payment in said institution. You just have to enter HERE and place your RUT to know the money you can collect.

Mainly in the case of pensioners, they can review in the Social Security Institute (IPS) if they have any pending payment from said institution. They must access this LINKenter the RUT, click on the “Payments” section and the dates and means of payment of your benefits will appear.

  • General Treasury of the Republic

Here you can also check if you have pending collections of bonuses, loans, subsidies, refunds and other payments. To access you must enter this LINKclick on the benefit you think you have pending, access with your RUT and in some cases with your Unique Key.

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