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The pawn will decide to abandon his beloved to save his son’s life

Image: Reproduction/Globo
Image: Reproduction/Globo

After Trinity (Gabriel Sater) discovered that Sister (Camila Morgado) is expecting a child of his own, he will not be able to hide his concern about the chance of the child being born with supernatural gifts for long, and will make a new deal with the cramullion.

According to “TV observatory”, the pawn will treat the redhead with coldness until putting an end to their romance: “And our son? Do you want him to stay away from you too? What’s going on, Trinity? For God’s sake, or the devil’s, tell me?”, asks the redhead.

“I already told you… I need to be away from you. It’s a matter of precision, it’s not a sea…”, counters the foreigner who has decided to abandon his beloved to save his son’s life. “This child is mine, princess… It is ours. Plus, if I stay here, Cramulh will take it from us. And that’s something I can’t allow!”, will finish the pawn. Trindade, then, will leave the farm of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) in a mysterious way.

It is worth noting that, inwetland”, Cramulhão means devil and ‘son of the devil’. When Trindade has a vision about something that will happen in the future, he says it was the devil who told him. The mysterious pawn has also stated that his viola is enchanted by the entity.

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