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Bella Campos plays the character Muda, in Pantanal

Bella Campos said goodbye to her co-star Leandro Lima
© Reproduction/[email protected]Bella Campos said goodbye to her co-star Leandro Lima

Bella Campos is the actress responsible for giving life to the character seedlingin wetland. With a lot of talent, the interpreter achieved the feat of giving the young woman countless layers in the plot and throughout the episodes, she fell into the public’s taste. In her arc, the avenger starred in numerous scenes with the actor Leandro Lima (Levi).

However, for those who missed the last few episodes, the pawn was recently thrown into the river and devoured by piranhas. Levi tried to sexually abuse seedling and Juma (Alanis Guillen) tried to defend her friend. However, with the character’s death, Leandro bids farewell to the recordings of the novel. This Tuesday (14th), Bella regretted his colleague’s departure from the scene.

“Behind the scenes of the last chapter. Glad the seedling got rid of Levi, already my scene partner, Leandro Lima, will be missed! Thanks for the exchange buddy!” she said, posting on her Instagram a video in which she appears alongside the actor.

In an interview with”More you”, Lima said that the character played in the soap opera helped people understand more about toxic relationships. “A great importance of the character, of his role in the plot, is to guide people and show that a relationship that starts toxic will continue. It will hardly turn into something good”, he stressed.

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