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Phylum (Dira Paes) do not believe in love of Juma (Alanis Guillen) for farmer’s son (Jesuit Barbosa)

Photo: reproduction Rede Globo
Photo: reproduction Rede Globo

In wetlandif there is one thing that Filo (Dira Paes) likes to gossip about other people’s lives, and this time the young couple Juma (Alanis Guillen) and Jove (Jesuit Barbosa) will not escape the loose tongue of the woman of José Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira).

in conversation with Muda (Bella Campos), Phylum say everything you think about jove’s girlfriend and insists on doubting the love of jaguar woman by the boyfriend. That’s because the character of Dira Paes has been observing the way the young couple relate to each other since they moved to the farm and has always hinted at the feelings the two seem to have.

With a keen sixth sense, Phylum then confess to seedling that even seeing Juma and Jove on the eve of a wedding, he doesn’t believe that this is the right decision, and at that moment he says that the Juma’s love for the farmer’s son doesn’t convince her at all. the opinion of Phylum will not go unnoticed and the confession will still be talked about.

In recent scenes of the plot, the mother of Thaddeus (Jose Loreto) has already made it very clear that he likes to play a role in other people’s lives, as he did with his own son when he did not approve of his relationship with Guta (Julia Dalavia)or even from Irma (Camila Morgado)when giving advice for women to invest in the relationship with Jose Lucas (Irandhir Santos). Just watching scenes from the next chapters to know if Phylum is right or just malicious.

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