Guilherme Corte


The jaguar-girl will not cower in front of the colonel

Image: Reproduction/TV Globo.
Image: Reproduction/TV Globo.

In the next chapters of wetlandTenório (Murilo Benício) tries to convince Juma (Alanis Guillen) to sell him his land. However, the ‘negotiation’ out of the colonel’s control, who ends up cowering and fleeing the farm of Jove’s wife (Jesuíta Barbosa).

He appears by surprise at the jaguar girl’s property to make her an offer for her lands, but Guta’s father (Julia Dalavia) has no idea that she knows that it was the bandit who killed her parents and brother. Driven by anger, Juma points the shotgun at Maria Bruaca’s husband (Isabel Teixeira), who tries to argue, without success.

Good Morning! You must be the famous Juma Marruá”, will say the interested party. However, Juma will point his gun at you and send a message: “I didn’t give you permission to speak my name.” “You disappear from here… One more step and I swear I’ll kill you…”says the savage, when Tenório asks her to put her gun down.

“But I want to make you an offer for your land… I’ll fill you with money”, promises the villain. At that moment, Juma shoots towards the bandit’s foot, who is scared and pleads: “Stop it, you freak!”. Gil’s heiress (Enrique Diaz) will shoot again, this time almost hitting the bandit, who will run towards the river, running away from the jaguar-girl.

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