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The pawn will declare itself to the girl, who will remove her disguise for the first time.

Muda will confess his real name to Tiberius
© Photo/GlobeMuda will confess his real name to Tiberius

In the next chapters of wetlandfrom TV Globo, Muda (Bella Campos) will drop her disguise and reveal her real name to Tibério (Guito). The pawn, at the opportunity, will declare himself to the girl, making her get emotional and let her guard down for the first time since they met.

“I love you like I’ve never loved any woman in my entire life. (…) No woman had ever made me sleepy before, Muda”, speak Tiberius, opening your heart. However, she remains skittish. “In my heart there was never room for love”, she replies. “One day, do you think you can have it?”, asks the pawn.

Muda is disconcerted and gives in to Tiberius’ words, showing emotion for the first time. “Speak, Muda? What’s wrong with you?”, asks the man, while she is crying.
“My name is not Muda!”, he reveals. “Ruth, Tiberius… That’s my name,” she says. “I want to forget… Forget who I was, where I came from, why I got here. Everything”, says Muda, who will agree to return to live on the farm owned by José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira).

In the story, Rute ended up witnessing the murder of her father by Gil (Enrique Diaz), father of Juma (Alanis Guillen). She came to the Pantanal promising revenge on the Marruás, including bringing a henchman with her. This man killed Maria Marruá (Juliana Paes) and she was given the mission to do the same with Juma, pretending to be mute for the jaguar girl. However, she ended up clinging to the pantaneira, going to live with her.

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