Paris 2024 are “Most Attainable Olympics of all time”, but getting there is a lottery: first step starts as early as December

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1. On the hunt for tickets: the great, worldwide lottery

The Paris 2024 Games, from July 26 to August 11, 2024, still seem a long way off. But from December the first phase of ticket sales will start. That is, you can register to be eligible for tickets.

There are a total of 10 million tickets available. In comparison: for Rio 2016 there were 7.5 million tickets, for London 2012 almost 11 million. The organization of Paris assumes that there is more demand than supply, hence a lottery. Unlike other Games, these are not organized per country, but are organized worldwide between the 10 million tickets available worldwide. Cédric Van Branteghem, CEO of BOIC: “So it’s a kind of lottery. But it’s not first come, first serve like with music concerts, where everything is gone within a minute. You must register within a certain period of time. A first step: register yourself so that you can compete for tickets. Soon you will find all the information, the timing, how you have the best chance of getting tickets on the website. “Those who buy several tickets, for example, have a better chance.”

2. And what should it cost?

Tickets are available from 30 euros. For high-demand events – gymnastics or the 100m final, for example, are classics – prices are just as traditionally higher. For example, a ticket for the final of the 100m costs 900 euros.

3. Help, I’m not there. Is Paris 2024 gone then?

Nothing prevents you from soaking up the atmosphere without a ticket (see also points 4 and 5). But still don’t despair. It is expected that an extra ‘effort’ will be made for tickets for the neighboring countries. Van Branteghem: “Officially there is no priority per country, but proximity does play a role, the organization has reported to us.”

4. Supporting Team Belgium without a ticket? Long live the Belgian House

Still can’t get hold of a ticket, or you don’t want to spend the money and still soak up the Olympic atmosphere? Even more: do you want to soak up the Olympic atmosphere of Team Belgium and celebrate with the medal winners? All then direction Champs-Elysées. Les Salons Hoche, the location of the Belgian House, is a 10-minute walk away. After the Tokyo 2021 corona Games, when Tokyo was one large gated community and a no passaran for spectators, and therefore no Belgian House. So now again. “We were there very early to record the location,” says Van Branteghem. The place, which can accommodate about 2,800 to 3,000 people, will not only be reserved for VIPs, but also for the average Olympic fan during the week. For example, medal winners will be honored in the Belgian House.


5. And why not a holiday to Lille, Marseille or Tahiti?

Suppose: no tickets for Paris. Imagine: too much hassle to get everything arranged or no sense in dense crowds of spectators. Then Lille, Marseille or even Tahiti are an alternative. Because the Games of Paris 2024 will not only take place in Paris. For example, the Belgian Cats, if they qualify, play their group matches just across the border, because the women’s basketball takes place in Lille. The same goes for the top sailor Emma Plasschaert, who goes into the water in Marseille in the south of France. Or it can be even more exotic, and perhaps with fewer people. Wave surfing is on the program for the first time. And in the turquoise, paradise waters of Tahiti, a French colony. Guaranteed fewer people than in Paris, and perhaps more chance to get tickets.

6. There is also plenty of Olympic atmosphere in Belgium

There is also a Plan-C. It is not because the Games take place in France that there will not be an Olympic atmosphere in Belgium. On the contrary, the training camps in the month before the Games are all in Belgium, the athletes only travel to the Olympic athletes’ village in Paris a few days before their competition. And moreover, just like at the previous Games, there will be a Belgian House in Belgium, somewhere on the Belgian coast.

7. And why not also the Paralympic Games?

And why not head to the Paralympic Games, which take place from August 28 to September 4, in many of the same beautiful venues as the Olympics? It is not for nothing that Paris 2024 has the same logo, both for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is not for nothing that the Belgian slogan is ‘Together 2 Paris’. “A historic moment, for the first time we sat together with Olympic and Paralympic athletes in a large hall on stage. Goosebumps,” says ex-athlete Van Branteghem. There will be an even closer collaboration between Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

There are 3.4 million tickets available for Paris, there will be no lottery and half of the tickets will cost between 15 and 25 euros.

8. And how will Team Belgium do there?

Belgium already has four world champions in 2022: Remco Evenepoel, Nafi Thiam, Lotte Kopecky and Shari Bossuyt. Sarah Chaari is also the brand new Taekwondo World Champion but in a non-Olympic weight class. With 14 medals at World Cups, and 16 places between 4 and 8, Belgium is doing better than during the Olympic year. Olav Spahl, chef de mission of Paris 2024: “We realize that the comparison may be distorted a bit by the postponement of the Games, which caused many World Cups to take place this year, or by the war in Ukraine (Russian athletes are not allowed in most sports , hb). But does not take away the Belgian success and potential.” Depending on how many teams qualify, a delegation of 120 to 160 athletes is assumed. In Tokyo 2021, Team Belgium won seven medals. Van Branteghem: “Our mission: to increase the number of top-8 places, including medals.”


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