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The former player and commentator in Sports in Agriculture was not satisfied with the equality achieved by Colo Colo against Alianza Lima in Copa Libertadores, where he believes that he will have to suffer in a definition against Fortaleza.

The sports commentator assures that with this the whole panorama changes for Colo Colo.
© Archive / ConmebolThe sports commentator assures that with this the whole panorama changes for Colo Colo.

No one was satisfied with the tie achieved by colo colo in view of Lima Alliance for Libertadores Cupin a duel that was played in Peru but where the albos had many scoring situations that they could not achieve.

Something that can happen to the account, taking into account that there are two dates left to play (Visiting River Plate and local Fortaleza), where qualification for the round of 16 could be complicated.

Similar to what the Sports in Agriculture commentator thinks, Patrick Yanez, who regrets Colo Colo’s party.

“It seems to me that with this result a classification that was assured is put at risk. I am not saying that he will not qualify or that he lost the chance, but he leaves it open. We have to wait for what Fortaleza does, which has to play with Alianza in Lima , that if he wins everything begins to complicate, reaching the last game with obligations without having reasons to reach this situation, “Yáñez details.

In that sense, for the former striker, the results of this date in the group change a lot, because one begins to make calculations for what is to come.

“This is going to be taken as a game lost due to the end of the score. Before this game, Colo Colo did not think about the goal difference, it was the points and they were left over,” he says.

For the same reason, he assures that part of this was the many goal situations that did not materialize, which can be greatly regretted.

“Few times will we see a Chilean team playing in the Copa Libertadores having so many chances. The assessment we made of Alianza is true, that Colo Colo is far above in intensity of play, depth, clarity, everything he showed in the first 45 minutes. But like in boxing, if you don’t get a knockout in the rounds, it’s on cards. Colo Colo makes the difference. But this is done with goals. If you played well, why didn’t you win. You have to find the lack of a goal. If Lucero scored them all would not be in Colo Colo,” he concludes.

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