Paz Padilla returns to Mediaset!

Peace Padilla it was farewell by Mediaset last month of March after 13 years of professional relationship. Chain justified his march through the Breach of duty as presenterhaving left the program ‘Save me’ an hour and a half before his completion on January 20.

The actress and comedian did not agree with Mediaset’s decision and took action filing a lawsuit against the chain which includes the Telecinco and Cuatro channels.

Apparently Mediaset was willing not to go all the way in the judicial process andIt was speculated that he was going to offer a succulent economic agreement so that the trial would not extend beyond the next July 10, the date on which they had to see each other again in court.

Paz Padilla returns to Telecinco under the same conditions

But the surprise has jumped on the morning of this Friday June 10. Mediaset has announced through a statement that Paz Padilla returns to the television network.

“Mediaset Spain has agreed with Paz Padilla to resume their contractual relationshipexactly in the same terms in which said contract that linked him to the company was“, says the letter.

Paz Padilla will not return immediately

Peace Padilla will not return immediately to Telecinco. Chain allows the actress and presenter to complete professional projects which had started after his dismissal.

“The incorporation of the actress and presenter will not take place immediately.a, but at the end of a series of professional commitments acquired in recent months” reads the statement.

Long career at Mediaset

Paz Padilla has been linked to Mediaset España in different formats, from ‘Martian Chronicles’, going through ‘Hello, hello, hello’, ‘Got Talent’, ‘At a glance’, ‘The one that is coming’ or ‘Save me’the latter program in which he has spent a long period between 2009 and 2022.

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