Penelope Cruz, exciting and passionate actress

Considered the most famous Spanish star of the 21st century, Penelope Cruz (47) is the subject of a documentary, broadcast on La Trois, which focuses on her career, which tells how, at barely 17, she became the banner of a whole generation in search of renewal thanks to her role in the romantic comedy, jamon jamonof Bigas Luna, where she will meet her husband, Javier Bardem.

Spontaneous, glamorous, sensual and talented, she rose to the rank of the greatest Hollywood actresses and won her first Oscar in 2009 for her role as Maria Eléna in Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Woody Allen. The same year, she also won her star on the Walk of Fame. A first for a Spanish actress whose career really took a new turn in 2001, after Vanilla Sky.

his beginnings

Ambitious and determined, the actress, who at the time was 27 years old and had 29 feature films in her filmography, confides that she shoots, on average, three films a year. However, as explained by Katrina Bayonas, her agent since her beginnings, and Ann Davies, author who devoted a book to her, who testify in this documentary, nothing predestined her to become an actress. Daughter of a mechanic and a hairdresser, Penelope Cruz grew up in the suburbs of Madrid. “My parents fought so we could move on“, confides the actress. “These are the values ​​that have been taught to us. I don’t know anything else.”

Around the age of 4, she became interested in the world of cinema because it allowed her to escape, to give free rein to her overflowing imagination. She is fascinated by Meryl Streep and Pedro Almodóvar, whom she hopes to meet one day. At 14, she began to go to castings and refused to be confined to bimbo roles. She will then settle in the United States where she will learn English in the hope of not missing out on any opportunity. A challenge that she will take up with joy and passion, as in almost everything she undertakes. Also in the fashion industry which very quickly made her a muse, an icon. This 52-minute portrait depicts an actress, as passionate as she is passionate, whose notoriety and success have never taken her away from her values, her friends and her loves.

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