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Here we tell you from when you can request the Self-loan and find out how much you can request.

Since when can the self-loan be requested?
© Agency OneSince when can the self-loan be requested?

The self loan It is a measure that can be similar to that of the old 10% withdrawals, however, this initiative will not be for everyone and the amount to be requested must be replaced like any other loan.

Since when can the self-loan be requested?

Last Monday, November 7, the Self-loan project was entered into the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, however, there is no set date yet to continue advancing the discussion of this measure.

How much can be requested?

People who want to access the self loan may request a maximum amount of $1,040,000 (30 UF) and that the installments will be returned from the month following the request for the loan and without interest.

Who can request it?

They can only apply for self loan those people who are aportas of the fulfillment of legal age to retire, that is to say, It may be 5 years or more to fulfill them. Therefore, the youngest could not opt ​​for the loan in question in the first instance.

Can I request it more than once?

Yes, it is possible to request the self loan on more than one occasion, however, it is important to remember that to request it again Yes or yes, the payment of the first debt must be fulfilled before requesting the benefit once again.

According to what was mentioned by the Undersecretary of Social Welfare, Christian Larrainexplained that self-loans will allow “use part of your savings within certain limits, with a maximum of 30 UF and the equivalent of no more than 5% of your savings, with a 0-rate loan, only in UF, and which is later repaid with an extra contribution of 2 percentage points”.

What is missing for it to be approved?

  1. First, it must be approved by the Chamber of Deputies and Deputiesin addition to the relevant commissions.
  2. Once approved, it will be the turn of the senate chamber and once it is approved in its entirety, the project will be sent to the President Gabriel Boric for its promulgation.
  3. In case of modifications, they must be sent to the Lower House (Deputies and Deputies) and if approved, it will be promulgated.

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