Peugeot Inception: see you in Las Vegas!

Peugeot announced it at the last Paris Motor Show, a large concept car called Inception is on the way! But in order not to overshadow the stand at the new 408, the manufacturer had announced it… but not exhibited it. It will soon be done, Linda Jackson, Director of Peugeot, having communicated a place and date of the official presentation: next January 5 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas!

Stylistic future of Peugeot

Although there is little information about it, this concept car should announce the future of Peugeot in terms of design and technology. The brand has already warned that it will “revolutionize the style of Peugeot”, although it will retain the three-claw signature and the “feline” philosophy, which inspired the current models. On the technological side, the electric shift desired by Peugeot could result in a completely new STLA (Stellantis) platform, capable of better autonomy.

See you next January 5 live from Las Vegas to discover the new future of the lion brand!

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