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The striker trained in Colo Colo is not in the plans of the cement club and they are looking for a way out for next season.

Morales scored just one goal in 2022 with Cruz Azul.
© Getty Images.Morales scored just one goal in 2022 with Cruz Azul.

Iván Morales prepares his more than certain goodbye to Cruz Azul of Mexico after a first year to be forgotten, where the striker trained in Colo Colo was barely able to score a goal and made more news off the field than on it.

One of the aspects for which the attacker earned the most criticism was his physical condition and his extra kilos, something for which he already had bad times in his years wearing the Cacique shirt. Unfortunately, in the last few hours this has been is intensifying after a very unfortunate photograph.

To go in order. Morales did not even travel to Cancun to carry out the preseason with the rest of his teammates from the cement club, for which reason he only reported on November 8 at the team’s facilities to undergo the first medical examinations thinking of 2023.

The place Let’s go Cruz Azul reported that the attacker was with a obviously overweight doing their physical worksomething that outraged the cement fanatic when remembering the high salary that the Chilean currently receives.

“This is not the first time that Morales has problems with the scale since he is a Cruz Azul footballer. A little over a year ago, when he signed his arrival, he was also seen with several extra kilos, ”they detailed from the mentioned Mexican medium.

Are you coming to Chile?

Fortunately Iván Morales apparently wants to take action on the matter and prepare a solo work with a personal PF in order to reach a more optimal physical condition thinking about the 2023 season.

According to information handled by RedGol, the striker is close to returning to our country to start these jobs and find a way to relaunch his career in the following season.

Raúl Gutiérrez, Cruz Azul coach, does not take him into account for next year and from the club they are looking for ways to facilitate his departure almost from the end of this 2022 in Mexico. What will be the fate of Morales by 2023?

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