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CIPER Chile published a report that accounts for commercial ties between Patrick Kiblisky, who until recently owned Ñublense, Victoriano Cerda and Michael Clark. And Rodrigo Goldberg endorsed the sayings he had launched a couple of weeks ago: “They bought at a premium and it wasn’t the first time,” he said about the negotiations between the U and the steelmakers.

Rodrigo Goldberg spoke again of the closeness between Victoriano Cerda and Michael Clark.
Rodrigo Goldberg spoke again of the closeness between Victoriano Cerda and Michael Clark.

Rodrigo Goldberg dared to put the issue on the table. She although she admitted to having done it without proof, but also without any doubt. In his role as a commentator in Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa, the Pole threw a stone that is handled unofficially in the world of Chilean soccer, but that nobody had wanted to bring to light.

“I will never have proof, but I have no doubt that Victoriano Cerda bought shares in the U”affirmed the former student striker regarding the alleged participation of the president of Huachipato in the administration of Azul Azul.

A statement that set off the alarms of doubts and that is part of a report that the Center for Journalistic Research (CIPER Chile) published this Friday, August 5. Journalists Nicolás Valenzuela and Benjamín Miranda confirmed commercial ties between companies that have the participation of three names of Chilean soccer leaders: Victoriano Cerda, Michael Clark and a former controller of Ñublense

That is Patricio Kiblisky (in the report they assure that he likes to be called Patrick, as he is known in the soccer environment) linked to some negotiations. CIPER says that Clark worked on some consultancies with his company Redwood Capital to Nexus Health, a group that acquired the Isapre Colmena property that Carlos Heller put up for sale. Cerda, Kiblisky and the owners of Nexus coincide in the leadership of the RVX Asset Management company

“No documents were found proving that Cerda or the Kibliskys participate in the property of Azul Azul, but there are businesses – some with ramifications in territories considered tax havens – in which the names of the owner of Huachipato, of various members of the family appear. Kiblisky and the controllers of Nexus. And Clark providing them with financial advice.”, says the sixth of the 49 paragraphs that the article has. None of the three mentioned granted an interview for the occasion, as clarified by the aforementioned media.

Rodrigo Goldberg insists: “The link between Huachipato and the U is too obvious”

And Rodrigo Goldberg gave his opinion again, now with all the information that CIPER Chile made available. “I said it a while ago. I maintain it: I have no proof, none, and I will not have it. The report details it, I want to read it again to give it a more detailed look”said the Pole, as an introduction to what came.

“The link between Huachipato and the U is too obvious, they bought at a premium and it’s not the first time. This happened a long time ago, too, it’s not just something of now. In this particular one, it was too obvious. If they get angry, I’m very sorry, but I’m going to maintain my position,” said the former sports manager of Azul Azul regarding several negotiations, such as the purchase of half of the Ignatius Tapia, 50 percent of the letter Israel Pobletethe signings of Gabriel Torres and Jimmy Martinez and the very expensive loan from the Venezuelan Yefferson Soteldo, in addition to the questioned arrival of the goalkeeper Martin Parra to compete with Cristóbal Campos.

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