Potential criminals left on the road because of the language law!

The public prosecutor Ine Van Wymersch calls for the reform of the law on the use of languages: “I don’t know how to live with a clear conscience with such situations.”

“Bwelcome to Absurdistan” Ine Van Wymersch launched us in April 2019 when she had just been appointed King’s Prosecutor of Hal-Vilvoorde. The one who was the youngest woman in the country to take up such a position was referring to the law on the use of languages ​​which, she said at the time “only benefits French-speaking criminals”.

Three years later, the magistrate, also well known for her former role as spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, confirms: the situation is still the same and the victims find no advantage in this law, which therefore allows perpetrators of offenses on the territory of Hal-Vilvoorde to choose the language in which they want to be judged, with the consequence that the French-speaking investigating judges in Brussels find themselves overwhelmed by the workload imposed by these cases.

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