"producing superstars";  'rival' country newspaper names Brazilian team as favorite in the World Cup

THE world Cup is getting closer and closer to actually starting and with that it becomes more difficult to control emotion and anxiety, even for the players themselves. The number 10 shirt, and Hexa’s biggest hope, for the Brazilian National Team, the attacking midfielder Neymar has already revealed that he is confident and that this year he will: “Enter all kicks”.

But it’s not just for Brazilians that the Selection is going to the World Cup prepared. This week, ‘El País’, the Uruguayan newspaper, ‘melted’ for the Brazilian national team. For the vehicle from the neighboring country, Brazil is the big favorite for the title, mainly due to the presence of Neymar, Vinicius Jr, Raphinha and Paquetá.

The team is now a well-groomed football-playing machine, with plenty of spare parts in case you need it. Brazil continues to produce stars. Today there is not a great European team that does not have a Brazilian as a starter“, says the newspaper.

Another factor that journalist Luis Prats, who produced the article for El País, says gives Brazil an advantage, is the experience of a good part of the cast: “And almost everyone has experience in the selection: in the South American qualifiers, Brazil took a walk and the coach had the luxury of testing athletes in many games.“, adds Luis.

Another point revisited by the newspaper is the continuity that Tite has in charge of the Brazilian National Team. Because the CBF did not send the coach away after the failure of 2018, El País says that the professor now has much more dominance in the cast and experience.

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