The speculations are over and this Sunday, after the games that started at 4:00 p.m., the missing classifieds from Zone A of the Professional Soccer League Cup were defined. So yeah all the quarterfinal matches are defined. Upstairs everything was clear because Racing secured its first place on Friday with 30 points, after the draw with San Lorenzo, and the second location will be River, beyond what happens tonight at the Monumental with Platense. But the contest for second and third place was a fight that changed minute by minute between Defense and Justice, Gimnasia, Newell’s, Argentinos Juniors and Sarmiento de Junín, although the chances of Damonte’s men were practically nil because they had a difference of -6 goals. So, they were two places for four teams. Thrilling.

To begin with, the Lobo de la Plata had to win to aspire to reach fourth place and face none other than Estudiantes de la Plata in the quarterfinals. And Pipo’s did their thing. And that they received a blow after two minutes. They hadn’t warmed up Pablo Pérez scored 1-0 for Leprosy in just two minutes of play. It looked like another black afternoon in the Forest, but fifteen minutes later, Pipo Gorosito’s men leveled the score. And then the Paraguayan Sosa scored twice to get Leprosy out of the talk. With the 3 points, Gimnasia added 24 and had to wait for the results of Argentinos vs. Unión. I wasn’t going to get it…

El Bicho also started fulfilling as well, but things were going to get complicated, in a match that had everything. In just six minutes, Torren made it 1-0 in Penalty and thus Gabriel Milito’s men were among those who went through to the quarterfinals. But, much was missing. And in the 62nd minute he passed everything. Unión equalized, but Mastrángelo annulled the goal because he saw a foul in attack. But in the middle there was a penalty so, after analyzing the play in the VAR, the man in black claimed the tie. So, the Bicho was left out due to the partial victory of Defense and Justice and the triumph of the Wolf. But, seven from the end, Kevin Mac Allister scored the winning goal that put the Paternal team in the playoffs. His rival in the quarterfinals? A Students-Argentines is coming in the Stadium One of La Plata.

In Florencio Varela, Defense and Justice seemed to have the most accessible party and depended on themselves to qualify. But things were not so simple, apart from the fact that 10 minutes into the second half Frías opened the scoring. 1-0 and inside. But Beccacece’s men were unable to extend and, towards the end of the game, Lucas Barrios had a couple of chances to tie the game. Pushed by the people of him, the Halcón kept the result and will be Boca’s rival in the quarterfinals in what is perhaps the most complicated matchup of the key due to the caliber of the two teams.


Days and times of the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup

Racing vs Aldosivi (Tuesday 18.30)

Boca vs Defense and Justice (Tuesday 21 or 21.30)

River vs Tigre (Wednesday, time to be defined)

Students vs. Argentinos Juniors (Wednesday, time to be defined)

This is how Zone B was defined

The last date of the League Cup anticipated emotions in Zone B, with three teams looking for the two places that remained to be confirmed after the classifications of Estudiantes de La Plata and Boca as first and second, respectively, of their group.

And there, Tigre, Aldosivi and Huracán, with matches at the same time, fought for those last two tickets, although they closed the afternoon with ambiguous feelings, each losing their corresponding matches, although two with the satisfaction of knowing that they were still alive. in the Cup.

In Victoria, Boca defeated Matador 2-0 against Tigre. Independiente did the same with the Globe, beating it 3-0 in Avellaneda. And the Shark was turned around by Arsenal 1-2 in Mar del Plata. In this way, everything remained as it was in the standings and it was Tigre and Aldosivi who ended up getting into the quarterfinals. With a plus: they already know who they will face in that phase.

On Friday, at the beginning of the date, Racing tied 1-1 as a visitor with San Lorenzo, maintained its unbeaten record and finished as leader of Zone A, regardless of what happens this Sunday between River and Platense since Millo could take advantage a defeat of the Academy to take away that privilege.

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