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Promises Antwerp finish matches in Eerste Nationale on Lisp

Promises Antwerp finish matches in Eerste Nationale on Lisp

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The U21 of Royal Antwerp FC will play their matches at the Lisp next season. The home of Lierse K. should serve as a base for the red and white promises, who will play for the first time in the highest amateur series.

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In that series it will meet the promises of AA Gent, Charleroi and OH Leuven. Confrontations with Antwerp region members Rupel Boom, Dessel Sport, KSK Heist and Hoogstraten also await.

Lierse K.: “We want to maximize the return of our stadium”

By making the Lisp available, the Pallieters want to get the most out of their stadium, which will soon be completely renovated. The agreement between Lierse K. and the Antwerp promises only concerns the lease of the stadium. The agreement is valid for one season.

“After we reached a deal with the KBVB about three Red Flames preparatory matches, this is the next agreement with an external partner,” explains chairman Luc Van Thillo. “In this way we want to generate additional income, which will benefit the club and ensure further development. Since we will play a maximum of seventeen home games ourselves next season, the possibility was open to put an extra burden on the field. Especially after the recent efforts we have already made to improve the turf. We took up the offer in that regard.”

Antwerp U21 will complete its home matches in the week that Lierse themselves play away. The matches are played on the weekend and only the visitors’ stand and the main stand are opened.

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