Province of Namur: citizen service, an integration and training course…

Citizen service is the possibility for young people aged 18 to 25 to engage for 6 months, full time, in projects useful to the community, while benefiting from training and a daily allowance. The Province of Namur officially proposes to welcome young people within it. “The provincial council has in any case agreed to its membership of the non-profit organization “Platform for citizen service” and to the signing of the charter “A citizen service for all young people”. Press release.

Concretely, the Province of Namur undertakes to integrate one or more young people into its services, for 6 months at the rate of 4 days (28 hours) per week. The project aims to enable young people to better find their place in society and to become critical, responsible, active and supportive citizens. In particular, it intends to promote the personal development of young people and, indirectly, to support them in their transition to working life. “One more initiative to set foot in the stirrup of committed citizenship.”

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