Journalist Alex Scott with a bracelet in the colors of the LBGT movement.  photo capture

Both showed the colors of the movement of sexual minorities in forbidden lands and despite the restrictions of FIFA. What consequences did they have?

The FIFA regulations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are controversial but clear: the use of political symbols during the tournament or demonstrate in favor of causes such as equal marriage, prohibited in the country. sexual orientationaccording to the football organization and the host country, it follows, it’s a political issue.

And just as the measure is clear -although it generated discomfort in many nations that targeted the organizing country for violating human rights- it also what are its consequences for violating it: “Whoever does not abide by the norm will receive a sanction“, announced on more than one occasion the organizing authorities of the World Cup.

But the warnings were not enough to stop the daring of two journalists that this Monday went viral on social networks for using garments in favor of the LGBTIQ+ movement during the second day of the event. In Qatar, where jail is an option.

Is about Grant Wahlfrom the United States, and the chronicler alex scottfrom England, who took them to the vicinity of the multicolored symbology stadium of said community. The first one was arrested while the woman managed to get on the air with a clear slogan bracelet: “One Love”“.

The first case to be known was that of the American, whom heand banned from entering the stadium Ahmad Bin Ali and was delayed for wearing an illustrated T-shirt with a ball and a rainbow around him when he was on his way to watch his team’s debut against Wales.

He recounted it on his social networks: “When I arrived at the stadium’s media entrance to cover the game wearing a shirt with a rainbow soccer ball in support of the LGBTQ community, the security guards they refused to let me in, they held me for 25 minutes and they angrily demanded that I take off my shirt,” he said.

And he said that they demanded: “You have to change your shirt. It’s not allowed“. “Same-sex relationships are illegal in Qatar. But FIFA has been clear in saying that the rainbow flag would be welcome at the World Cup“Reflected the journalist.

Journalist Alex Scott with a bracelet in the colors of the LBGT movement. photo capture

“The Qatari regime, however, has said very little on the subject, which makes fear that things are different on the ground. A moment after tweeting that, a guard he took my phone by force out of hand,” the man denounced.

“Almost half an hour passed. A security guard told me that my t-shirt was ‘political’ and it was not allowed. Another continually refused to return my phone. Another guard yelled at me, standing over me – I was already sitting on a chair – that he had to take my shirt off, “closed who was finally released and was able to attend the stadium.

Alex Scott, the woman who went on the air with a “One Love” bracelet

After his story went viral, users of social networks began to disclose an event that happened on English television, which had gone unnoticed – or so it seemed.

It is that during the broadcast of the England-Iran match, a commentator who was on the playing field went on the air with a “One Love” bracelet.

It’s about Alex Scott. former Arsenal and England women’s national team player who traveled to Qatar to cover the World Cup on the BBC.

In one of the viralized captures, she is seen working normally inside the stadium while wearing the colors of the LGBTIQ+ movement without anyone intervening.

The game and the broadcast ended normally and the journalist did not refer to what happened. In this sense, it did not transpire whether she was sanctioned in this regard.

At least, at the end of the day, the chronicler made an posting on your Instagram profile. It was a picture of her on the court and just a heart emoji. You can see it in the picture, of course. with the bracelet.

The posting of the English journalist Alex Scott on her social networks after broadcasting a match in Qatar with a bracelet of "OneLove".

The post of the English journalist Alex Scott on her social networks after broadcasting a match in Qatar with a “One Love” bracelet.


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