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The narrator could not resist the German setback and used one of his ‘striking phrases’ on social networks

Playback/Twitter.  Galvão Bueno recalls confrontation with Germany on Twitter
Playback/Twitter. Galvão Bueno recalls confrontation with Germany on Twitter

Another zebra? It seems so! Germany debuted with defeat in the World Cup, in a match held on Wednesday (23), against Japan. The German team took the lead on the scoreboard, but saw the Japanese draw and turn the game around in the second half. The dispute, which ended 2-1, puts the Germans in dire straits, as Spain beat Costa Rica by a 7-0 rout.

Therefore, Germany needs to win the game against the Spanish national team, on Sunday (27), at 4 pm, in order not to be eliminated in the group stage of the world tournament. In case of a tie, they will only have chances to advance to the round of 16 if Japan loses to Costa Rica, in the first duel of the day of the competition, at 7 am (Brasília time).

On his Twitter profile, the narrator Galvão Bueno, from TV Globo, used an emblematic phrase to comment on the German defeat. 🇧🇷And a terrible climate is created!‘, said the journalist, using one of his most famous catchphrases, born precisely in Brazil’s historic defeat by Germany, by 7 to 1, in the 2014 World Cup.

Internet users did not let the reference go unnoticed and ‘got into the wave’ of the narrator on the networks. “There is no way, Germany has been cursed since 2014. Nobody does that and goes unpunished“, said a user in his personal profile on Twitter. 🇧🇷True, I hope that tomorrow is a normal day, without zebras!“, added another user, remembering that the Brazilian team debuts on Thursday (24th), at 4 pm, and is considered the favorite against Serbia. Who will go to the knockout stage of the dispute? And who will lift the cup? with this Qatar World Cup 2022 simulator.

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