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Qatar 2022

Wales faces the United States this Monday (21), at 4 pm, in Group B of the tournament and Gareth Bale is the main star of the country

(Photo by Ben Radford/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ben Radford/Getty Images)

It’s already the World Cup, this Sunday (20), the greatest show on earth in relation to football started, based in Qatar, the World Cup has been raising several expectations. The first game was marked by Ecuador’s 2-0 victory against the ‘owners of the house’, this Sunday (20). This Monday (21), other teams also enter the field, as is the case of Wales, by Gareth Bale, who will make his debut against the United States, at 4 pm, in Brasilia.

This will be the first duel between the two countries in the history of the Cups. Until then, the only clashes between them were two friendlies, in 2003, in the United States’ victory by 2 to 0 Wales, and Wales 0 x 0 United States, in 2020. The last time the United States was present in a World Cup was in 2014, in Brazil, on the occasion it was eliminated in the round of 16 by Belgium. Wales, on the other hand, had not played in a Cup for 64 years. In 1958, the Welsh left the tournament after losing to Brazil by Pelé, with the winning goal scored by the star.

One of the most important names in the country, Bale spoke about playing in a World Cup for the first time, he is considered to be the main athlete of the country in the Selection: “For Wales and the children growing up now, seeing us in the Cup certainly is, and I don’t think they even realize it now, but it’s going to be an amazing experience for everyone. One I wish I had, but I hope we make them proud and I’m sure they’ll enjoy seeing us at the Cup.”

The player is not the only one in the history of the World Cups that ‘loaded’ his Selection in the quotas, names like Gheorge Hgai, from Romania, Roger Milla, from Cameroon, Hristo Sotichov, in the United States, Andryi Sheckenco, from Ukraine, Didier Drogba, from Cameroon. These are some of the isolated stars in the history of the Cups, Bale has the same ‘fate’, it remains to be seen whether he will actually write something even greater playing for his country.

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