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The Argentina national team was surprised at the opening of the World Cup and needs its star player to come back on top in the World Cup

Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images - Lionel Messi is Argentina's big name at the Qatar World Cup
πŸ‡§πŸ‡· 2022 Getty Images, Getty Images EuropePhoto by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images – Lionel Messi is Argentina’s big name at the Qatar World Cup

Last Tuesday (22), Argentina was surprised by Saudi Arabia in the opening of the World Cup in Qatar. With that, the brothers were defeated by 2 x 1 and got complicated in the competition. Another concern is Messi’s presence in the match, after all, the star appeared with a swollen ankle and did not participate in some training sessions, which worries the fans.

However, coach Scaloni was keen to reassure the Argentine fans and confirmed that the star is fine and trained normally: “Messi trained and trained well. Not everyone went to the field because it was recovery training for those who played. He’s fine. We need everyone, and we certainly won’t have any casualties due to physical issues. They are all fine”, said the commander.

In addition, the coach confirmed that the team already raised its head after the defeat and even said that the Argentine national team may have changes in the team: “The first day affected the team a lot, but the reaction was immediate. The only thing we had to do was to do was to lift our heads. This group will do it. There is no doubt, we will look for alternatives in our game. We may have some changes, we will analyze the players after the recovery. Today we will have everyone available and we will start to define the team”, stated.

Finally, the commander pointed out that the entire squad felt the defeat and that the pressure at the World Cup is different: “It’s normal that when you make your debut at the World Cup you feel the pressure of representing a team like Argentina, which is different from many We know that it’s different to be in a World Cup with the Argentina national team’s shirt. Leo is fine, as are all his teammates, and the younger ones know that it’s at these times that the cards go up on the table and everyone needs everyone”, he concluded .

With Messi, Argentina faces Mexico this Saturday (26), at 4 pm (BrasΓ­lia time), for the second round of Group C. In short, the Argentines need a victory to stay alive in the World Cup in Qatar, after all, if they lose the match, they will be automatically eliminated from the 2022 World Cup, which would be a shame for the brothers who entered the competition as favorites.

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