Qatar 2022: Remember the biggest upsets that marked the history of the World Cup

The World Cup is always full of exciting matches. And is there any better emotion than the teams considered “weaker” beating the favorites? So, Bolavip’s newsroom brought the biggest upsets that have ever happened in the history of the World Cup, see:

25 – United States 1 x 0 England – 1950

The match between the United States and England is considered one of the greatest upsets in history. The European team was considered one of the favorites, while the United States had players who were just amateurs. The game took place at the Arena Independência, in Belo Horizonte, during the 1950 World Cup.

24 – Brazil 1 x 2 Uruguay – 1950

For some, Uruguay’s victory over Brazil was one of the greatest upsets in football. The national team was playing at home, in the crowded Maracanã, but lost 2-1.

23 – North Korea 1 x 0 Italy – 1966

In the 1966 World Cup, North Korea beat Italy in the last game of the first phase by 1-0. The triumph took the Asian team to the quarterfinals and eliminated Italy.

22 – Hungary 3 x 1 Brazil – 1966

Brazil is also on the list in one of the biggest upsets of the World Cups. The game against Hungary took place in the 1966 World Cup, when the team had Pelé and Garrincha, and lost 3-1.

21 – West Germany 0 x 1 East Germany – 1982

When Germany was still divided, the two sides played each other and the East side, who were not favorites, won 1-0.

20 – Argentina 0 x 1 Belgium – 1982

When we look at the current Belgium team, we don’t think of an underdog. But in 1982, the European team did not have good players and was not prestigious. And Argentina, led by Maradona and company, lost 1-0. The South American team was winning the title in 1978.

19 – Germany 1 x 2 Algeria – 1982

In the opening of the 1982 World Cup, Germany was defeated by Algeria, but ended up advancing to the next round.

18 – Argentina 0 x 1 Cameroon – 1990

Argentina appears again on the list of zebras. In 1990, after another title, the team lost in their debut to Cameroon, by 1 to 0. This was the team’s last defeat in a Cup debut, until the game against Saudi Arabia in 2022.

17 – Argentina 0 x 2 Bulgaria – 1994

In the following Cup, Bulgaria needed to win to advance to the next round. And won. The team beat Argentina 2-0.

16 – Bulgaria 2 x 1 Germany – 1994

The 1994 Cup had more upsets and this time it was with Germany, who lost 2-1 to Bulgaria, on the comeback. Remembering that the European team was the current world champion.

15 – Romania 3 x 2 Argentina – 1994

And there’s more of Argentina’s underdog, now in the 1994 World Cup, against Romania, who won 3-2 in the round of 16.

14 – Germany 0 x 3 Croatia – 1998

Croatia beat Germany in the 1998 World Cup in the quarterfinals, 3-0.

13 – Spain 2 x 3 Nigeria – 1998

In the debut of the teams in the 1998 World Cup, Nigeria was behind the scoreboard a few times, but turned around near the end of the game, and won by 3-2.

12 – Brazil 1 x 2 Norway – 1998

Brazil lost in another upset in the 1998 World Cup, when it had already secured qualification for the next stage. In the game, Norway won 2-1 and managed to advance.

11 – France 0 x 1 Senegal – 2002

France had won its first title in 1998, with Zidane and company. But in 2002, the Selection lost to Senegal by 1-0, and was disqualified in the group stage.

10 – Portugal 0 x 1 South Korea – 2002

At home, South Korea beat Portugal by 1 to 0, and was placed first in the group. The European team did not advance to the round of 16.

9 – South Korea 2 x 1 Italy – 2002

South Korea was once again the protagonist of an upset at the 2002 World Cup, when it beat Italy 2-1. The European team complained a lot about the refereeing in that game.

8 – Slovakia 3 x 2 Italy – 2010

Italy won its fourth in the 2006 World Cup, but failed to advance from the group stage in 2010. One of the upsets was the 3-2 defeat by Slovakia.

7 – France 1 x 2 South Africa – 2010

World Cup hosts South Africa beat France 2-1 in 2010.

6 – Uruguay 1 x 3 Costa Rica – 2014

One of the upsets of the 2014 World Cup was between Costa Rica and Uruguay, which ended 3-1 for the Costa Ricans.

5 – Italy 0 x 1 Costa Rica – 2014

Italy is always one of the strong teams at the World Cup, despite being outside the last two. But in 2014, Costa Rica again managed another setback, beating the European team 1-0.

4 – Spain 0 x 2 Chile – 2014

Spain arrived as one of the favorites in the 2014 World Cup, as they had won the title in 2010. But Chile won 2-0, and eliminated Spain in the group stage.

3 – Germany 0 x 1 Mexico – 2018

After the fourth in 2014, Germany arrived as one of the strongest teams for Russia 2018. But the European team lost 1-0 to Mexico.

2 – Germany 0 x 2 South Korea – 2018

With the defeat to Mexico, Germany needed to beat South Korea to still have a chance of qualifying for the round of 16. In stoppage time, which was 0-0, the Asian team scored two goals and sent Germany home.

1 – Saudi Arabia vs Argentina – 2022

Argentina arrived at the 2022 Qatar Cup as one of the favorites to win. Even more so being Messi’s last World Cup. But, in the opening game, Saudi Arabia surprised and won by 2 to 1, in turn.

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