Qatar beats at home: interest in World Cup matches and Karl Vannieuwkerke program considerably lower than hoped

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For the time being, the interest in the World Cup on television is quite disappointing. The best-watched program on Monday was even the One series Homewhich is temporarily programmed in the early evening.

The match between England and Iran attracted 286,997 viewers in the afternoon. The game between Senegal and the Netherlands attracted 581,758 viewers in the evening, and the evening game between America and Wales was still good for 603,774 viewers. These are all numbers that are considerably lower than the results at the previous major championships. The fact that many people have to work during the day undoubtedly plays a role in the lukewarm interest.

Villa Sporza, the daily magazine with Karl Vannieuwkerke that the VRT is obliged to bring as football rights holder, barely reached 281,382 viewers. Undoubtedly, much more was hoped for. Not all seats in the Ghent Winter Circus were taken due to a lack of interest.

Home is already on the screen at 6.30 pm, the time of the very first season. With 870,637 viewers, no one did better on Monday. At VTM opened Out-Of-Office the debates with 342,870 viewers, and The sky’s the limit had to make do with 237,928 attendees.

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