Qatar: With Brazil in second, check out the ranking of the most valuable teams in the World Cup

THE Qatar World Cup started last Sunday (20). With several games already going on, some zebras already appear at the beginning of the World Cup, such as, for example, Argentina losing to Saudi Arabia, and Germany to Japan, both results were turning points.

A study carried out by the CIES Football Observatory, an international platform specialized in sports data, evaluated the 32 teams that are disputing the Qatar World Cup🇧🇷

The study took into account only the 26 players from each selection that were called up for the Cup. Brazil occupies the second place in the ranking, being valued at 1.455 billion euros (R$ 8.1 billion). Who appears in first place is England, with 1.499 billion euros.

Check out the list of the most valuable selections of the World Cup in Qatar:

England – 1.499 billion euros

Brazil – 1.455 billion euros

France – 1.337 billion euros

Spain – 1.201 billion euros

Portugal – 1.154 billion euros

Germany – 1.020 billion euros

Netherlands – 756 million euros

Argentina – 748 million euros

Uruguay – 590 million euros

Belgium – 562 million euros

Croatia – 478 million euros

Serbia – 404 million euros

Denmark – 403 million euros

Switzerland – 366 million euros

United States – 365 million euros

Senegal – 315 million euros

Morocco – 315 million euros

Poland – 313 million euros

Ghana – 207 million euros

Japan – 205 million euros

Mexico – 195 million euros

Canada – 193 million euros

Wales – €181 million

Cameroon – 177 million euros

Ecuador – 163 million euros

South Korea – 159 million euros

Tunisia – 57 million euros

Iran – 53 million euros

Saudi Arabia – 49 million euros

Australia – 38 million euros

Qatar – 29 million euros

Costa Rica – 23 million euros

*CIES Football Observatory list

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