England celebrate after a resounding win over Iran.  Photo Reuters.

They won 6-2 in their debut in Group B. Bellingham was in charge of opening the account, there was a brace from Saka, while Sterling, Grealish and Rashford contributed the other goals.

The ovation when Harry Kane left the pitch 30 minutes into the match is a good snapshot of the game. And also a declaration of principles. England He came to Qatar to recover what is his, the glory of the past. Y Kane is the flag of that wish. That is why there were no equivalences against Iran and, with a forceful demonstration of football, he beat him 6 to 2. A rain of goals in a game that he was only able to unlock after 30 minutes of play.

Iran went out onto the field with a line of five defenders and the rest of the team taking refuge in their field. He had only one objective: to resist; England, with a monopoly on the ball and ground, sought from the first minute to tear down that Iranian wall. The resistance of the Asian team lasted just over 30 minutes, after a rough start due to the injury of the Iranian goalkeeper.

the archer Alireza Beiranvand collided with Hosseini and was lying on the floor. After more than 12 minutes of waiting and with a lot of blood on his face, he had to leave the field and make way for the substitute, Hossein Hosseini.

England celebrate after a resounding win over Iran. Photo Reuters.

The first brick of the Iranian wall gave way, but it was necessary to open the scoring. And England was only able to do it in the 34th minute after a good collective play on the left: Shaw’s cross was connected by Jude Bellingham, who left the goalkeeper admitted minutes before without a chance. It was 1-0 and another game was opening.

To that territorial domain, England was going to add forcefulness. That is why it was not surprising that a superb left-footed shot from Bukayo Saka it became 2-0 at 42; and that raheem sterlingthree minutes later and with a great assist from captain Harry Kane, made it 3-0 with a subtle touch.

In the plugin, Iran looked for variants. Queiroz reached out to the team and made three changes: one per line to modify a game that, at that point, seemed too uphill.

But England had no mercy. Despite the fact that Iran abandoned that ultra-defensive posture a bit, the English delivered their knockout blow: it was after 16 minutes, after an excellent personal move again by Bukayo Saka to put the second of your personal account and the 4-0 with a very English touch.

There was an Iranian arrest. Almost a spasm. He was able to discount Mehdi Taremi three minutes after the English blow, by defining high on the stick of the until then almost non-existent Jordan Pickford.

With the 4-1 sentenced, Gareth Southgate decided to change half the team. Inside Grealish, Dier, Foden and Rashford to take care of legs, but above all to not abandon that offensive voracity.

And it was Marcus Rashford who, on the first ball he touched, made Iran go for it inside the goal. Everything, after a new assistance from Kane with which the brunette only had to caress it towards the right post of the blurred Hossein Hosseini.

There were 20 minutes left to go and the game was going to have a sixth English goal: Jack Grealish he pushed her after almost the entire white team touched the ball. They went 44 minutes and it seemed that there was nothing more.

But there was room for 10 additional minutes and a penalty sanctioned by the VAR that Taremi would exchange for a goal to seal a somewhat more decorous end for Iran.

England stepped very hard in the debut and proved that he is not in Qatar on vacation. The road will continue on Friday at 4:00 p.m. when it is measured against the United States; while hours before, at 7 on Friday, Iran will try to improve its pale image when it takes on Wales.

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