Quini 6, LIVE Draw of the Santa Fe Lottery on Wednesday 15: results and winners

Let’s go with the information. This Wednesday a new edition of the ‘Who 6′, and many people in Argentina are anxious to know who are the winners of the different prizes of the ‘Santa Fe Lottery‘. Next, find out how to participate in the event, what time the draw is and how much money is given away. The results will be published on the official website of the draw.

The ‘Quini 6’ is a raffle of the Caja de Asistencia Social de Santa Fe that has been held since 1988, becoming the favorite game of many Argentines. This raffle is a pocked game in which different amounts of money are offered as prizes. A well is realized that is variable, and corresponds to a percentage of what is collected.

Check the winning numbers on the ‘Santa Fe Lottery’ website now and share the results of the draw with your betting friends. If you played the ‘Quini 6’ on Wednesday and you don’t know if you are one of the lucky ones, here we tell you. We warn you, the information we will provide you will be very useful for everyone.

At what time does Quini 6 draw?

The ‘Quini 6′ draws are held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays starting at 9:15 at night (Argentine time). In this same line, we anticipate that you will be able to know the list of winners through its official page, which we share with you at the following link: .

Results of the ‘Quini 6’ of June 15

Quini 6 draw: how to play?

The player must choose 6 random numbers out of a total of 46 that go from 00 to 45 with which he can participate in all the modalities he chooses. These numbers are loaded into the system and the person in charge will deliver a voucher to the bettor with which they can verify if he wins. There are three types of bets:

  • Traditional: contains the First Draw and the Second Quini. The price of both is $70.
  • Rematch: its value is $35.
  • Always Sale: its value is $25.

Important! It is essential to have played the ‘Traditional’ mode to be able to bet on the ‘Revenge’ and ‘Always Sale’ modes.

How much are the Quini 6 prizes?

The accumulated jackpot for the ‘Quini 6’ on Wednesday, June 15 is around 1,050 million pesos, although it is worth remembering that in each modality the prize varies:

  • Traditional: to be confirmed.
  • Second: to be confirmed.
  • Rematch: to be confirmed.
  • Always works: to be confirmed.
  • Extra Well: to be confirmed.


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