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Player is at the end of his contract at both Pici and Palmeiras

Photo: Lucas Emanuel/AGIF
Photo: Lucas Emanuel/AGIF

Fortaleza lives the expectation of renewing with coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda, a name that is in the sights of several clubs in Brazil. However, among the missions for 2023 is the resolution of pending issues in the cast of Tricolor do Pici.

In this context is Lucas Lima. The Palmeiras athlete is on loan to Leão Tricolor and the agreement that gives the athlete will end in December 2022. It is certain that the São Paulo team will not take advantage of Lucas in its squad for 2023, however, to remain in Pici, Fortaleza has a guideline for trading.

According to journalist Gabriel Malheiros, from Bolavip Brasil, Fortaleza’s board is even thinking about keeping Lucas Lima, although without much enthusiasm. But, to renew with the player, the Club will propose a change and propose that Lucas reduce his salary. If the Palmeiras midfielder does not accept, Jangada Atomica will not extend the bond.

Lucas Lima is valued at 1 million euros (about R$ 5.6 million) and has been at Fortaleza since 2021. At the beginning of the year, a new agreement with Palmeiras was sealed, and just as the loan ends, the player’s contract with Alviverde also comes to an end. This already changes the negotiation scenario. Even on loan to Fortaleza, Lucas Lima still received more than R$ 700 thousand per month from Palmeiras, which bears 70%. Tricolor paid around R$ 210,000.

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