Rani Rosius "devastated" after fourth game in one afternoon, Michael Obasuyi is approaching the European Championship limit: "I'm better than last year"

Without notable resistance, Obasuyi twice approached the 13.50 needed for Munich, because he also clocked 13.65 in the series. For the World Cup in Eugene, 13.32 is needed, exactly his personal best.

“The form is excellent, but I still miss some rhythm and make some technical mistakes,” said the 22-year-old from West Flanders afterwards. “Running 13.65 twice so early in the season is not bad, but I hope to go a little faster soon. In the coming weeks I will be running a lot of races to get into the rhythm.”

With his personal best of 13.32, Obasuyi already belongs to the European top, but he wants more. “I’m even better than last year when I was sidelined with a hamstring tear during this period,” he says. “I’m not saying I’m going to take a big bite out of it this year, but I do hope to be in my thirties for many weeks at a time. Then you can achieve a lot.” The European Championship in Munich is even more important for Obasuyi than the World Cup in Eugene. “I’m not saying the World Cup is not a goal, but in the European Championship I can finish really high, so I prefer to peak there,” he concluded.


Modest 100 meters and very solid 200 meters for Rani Rosius

Rani Rosius won both the 100 and 200 meters during the Flemish athletics championships in Merksem on Saturday. In the 100 meters she remained well above her personal best, in the 200 meters she came close.

Rosius had to compete no less than four times on Saturday: series and final of both 100 and 200 meters. In the 100 meters she first ran 11.65 and then 11.52, nineteen hundredths above her personal best. For the European Championship in Munich 11.24 is needed, for the World Cup in Eugene 11.15. In the 200 meters, the 22-year-old Limburger opened on Saturday in 24.29, in the final she finished in 23.65. She approached her personal best to sixteen hundredths. The European Championship or World Cup are not feasible, because 23.05 and 22.80 respectively are needed.

“I’m devastated”, said Rosius after her fourth game of the afternoon. “But I am satisfied. The times I am running here in the finals, with a lot of competitions under my belt, are certainly in order. The shape is gradually coming. The 200 meters is not a goal in itself for me and is purely in function of the 100 meters.”

Rosius is mainly aiming for the European Championships this summer. “If I were to qualify for the World Cup, I would immediately get on the plane, but it is not a goal,” she said. “At the moment a European Championship is more like a championship for me. And that also applies to the national 4×100 meter team, with which we will be in action several times in the coming weeks in the hope of winning a European Championship ticket.”

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