Ray J, the ex of Kim Kardashian, returns to the famous sex tape: “I had an agreement with her and her mother”

Everything would therefore have been orchestrated, according to the rapper Ray J. Indeed, the ex of Kim Kardashian told the DailyMail that he did not leak their infamous 2007 sex tape to the media.”I didn’t say anything for 14 years and let the Kardashians use my name and abuse it, let this family get billions of dollars and half-talk about a subject I’ve never spoken openly about myself”explains the rapper, now 41, to the British tabloid. “I’ve never leaked anything. I’ve never leaked a sex tape in my life. It’s always been about a deal between Kris Jenner, Kim and myself and we’ve always been partners in this since. the beginning.”

Also according to Ray J, Kim Kardashian would always have been the one who had the recordings in her possession, hidden in a shoebox under her bed. “She had them all, I never had a tape in my possession during our relationship“, he points out to DailyMail while the American star, now a global icon, has always maintained that she never wanted these videos to be made public. “Everything is falseconcludes Ray J. I once joked about posting the videos and she was immediately interested. She threw herself at the tapes, told her mother about them and after that, nothing was under my control.”

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