REACTIONS.  Brian Priske hard for Antwerp: “It was a shame from the first minute”

Brian Priske: “I can only apologize to the fans”

“Everything went wrong”, began the analysis of Antwerp coach Brian Priske. “It was just a shame from the first minute. Almost everyone played below his level. Our best man was our twelfth man today. I can only apologize to the fans. It’s unbelievable how they continued to support the team, I can only give a big round of applause for that.”

“Our mistakes in the goals against should never happen,” said the Dane. “It’s just outrageous when you defend like that in such an important game in a crucial week. It hurts. We have won far too few duels all over the field. Then it will be very difficult against a top team like Anderlecht. System change at half time? That’s always easy to use as an excuse. We just defended very poorly. I am in charge and responsible for everything, but I hope that many players are critical of themselves and the way they played football today.”

“There are still nine points to earn, anything is possible. We will do everything we can to win that game on Thursday. And we also have a home game”, concluded Priske.


Critical Samatta: “This was embarrassing, you can’t stand sleeping in the Champions’ play-offs”

Poor Ally Samatta (29). Although the Tanzanian couldn’t help it at all – he came in when the calf had already drowned – the attacker was the only Antwerp player to speak to the press in the mixed zone (except Haroun, who was in front of the cameras of the team shortly after the match). Eleven Sports appeared, ed.). “Every player feels bad, but if I don’t, no one will come. We have to show respect for you, and for our fans, who stayed positive from start to finish. We appreciate that.”

However, things went wrong for Antwerp after ten minutes. “A mistake can always happen in a match. We still had time to turn the situation around. That early 0-1 shouldn’t be game-determining,” Samatta continued. She wasn’t, were it not for the fact that the Great Old conceded three goals in quick succession early in the second half. “These are the Champions’ play-offs. You can’t sleep in it,” Samatta was critical of his teammates. “After a setback you have to stay focused to stay in that game.”

Because of the early 0-4 it was quickly game over for Antwerp. Will Samatta and co be able to make the click by Thursday? “Hopefully we will regain focus soon. We need to come out better and give something back to our supporters because this was embarrassing.”

Faris Haroun: “Anderlecht punished our mistakes”

“The score is what it is. It is well deserved for Anderlecht, they have completed their chances”, says Faris Haroun. “In the first half they penalize us for a mistake, in the second half we give away three times too much space and they punish it again. I don’t think it was because of the system change that we conceded three goals in seven minutes in the second half. We just made too many individual mistakes that we paid in cash.”

“We are getting a moral blow, but nothing has been decided yet. There are still nine points to earn. We have to take revenge on Thursday. Our supporters were fantastic today, even when it was 0-4. They continued to support us until the last second, even though we didn’t give them what they deserve,” Haroun concluded.


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