"Real men are long gone": Sharon Stone's cash interview for the 30th anniversary of "Basic Instinct"

Thirty years after the release of Basic Instinct and her famous cross-uncrossed, the 64-year-old actress still doesn’t mince her words when it comes to talking about the male sex.

His legend was born in fifty seconds, watch in hand, and without really straining. The time to make us “explore”, in 1992, via the quasi “gynecological” camera of Paul Verhoeven, an “intimacy” which hit the headlines. It is, you guessed it, very sulphurous… Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone was then 33 years old and instantly became, for millions of hypnotized spectators, the princess of all fantasies, of all audacity.

This certificate of perverse beauty, however, did not fall all roasted in her mouth. “She wanted this role so much that she shot a video at her own expense to convince us that we had to choose her”, confided later Joe Eszterhas, screenwriter of the cult film. And to add: “She was spectacular and oh so rowdy there.”

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