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The cast of Araucanía has completed an irregular campaign, but wants to recover from the bottom of the promotion.

Temuco wants to take off in the standings.
© Agency OneTemuco wants to take off in the standings.

An unconvincing start has had Temuco Sports in the First B. Those from Araucanía march in the middle of the table and they must take off to have options to ascend. For the same reason, it is urgent that they surpass Recoleta as visitors, due to the date 14 of the tournament.

the metropolitans They are in the last position of the championship. A difficult start for those recently promoted to the second category of Chilean football. They have only won one game so far in the competition and they are fstrong candidates to return to the Second Professional Division.

On the side of the albiverdes, they come from a good result at home against Universidad de Concepción. They won 1-0 and were reunited with victory after five games.

Anyway, the league zone for promotion is just around the corner for Temucanos. they are just two points that distance it from Deportes Copiapówhich is located in the sixth position, the last one that grants tickets to the final home run.

Day and time: When do Recoleta vs. Temuco play?

Recoleta vs Temuco play this Wednesday, May 11 at 6:00 p.m.

Television: On which channel to watch Recoleta vs Temuco live on TV?

The match will be broadcast on TNT Sports 2 and TNT Sports HDon the following channels depending on your cable operator:

TNT Sports 2
VTR: 165 (SD)
DTV: 631 (SD)
ENTEL: 242 (SD)
CLEAR: 190 (SD)
YOU SEE: 504 (SD)

TNT Sports HD
VTR: 855 (HD)
DTV: 1631 (HD)
ENTEL: 243 (HD)
CLEAR: 490 (HD)

Online: Who broadcasts live streaming Recoleta vs Temuco?

To watch the meeting live by streaming you can do it at TNT Stadium.

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