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Of: Stephen Schmid

The calls for a rule change by the FIA ​​​​are getting louder. Now Red Bull boss Christian Horner shoots sharply in the direction of Mercedes.

Munich – The “bouncing problem” with the racing cars in the formula 1 remains the dominant theme. Recently, more and more players have expressed negative opinions about the “hopping” and calls for the FIA ​​to change the rules have become louder. Now someone breaks out of the general whining. The team boss of Red Bull Racing – Christian Horner – demands toughness towards Mercedes and senses tactical games from the rival.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner shoots against Mercedes. © Georg Hochmuth/APA/dpa

Dispute between Red Bull and Mercedes threatens to go into the next round

The waves after the last season finale in Formula 1 – including a public exchange of blows – between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes seemed smoothed out, but now new trouble threatens. The reason for this are the demands for regulatory intervention by the Technical Commission of the FIA, which is intended to prevent the “bouncing” that is so painful for the drivers. In Baku could Lewis Hamilton only get out of his car with the help of a crew member.

For Christian Horner – team boss of Red Bull Racing – an intervention in the rules is out of the question. “It would be unfair to now punish those who have done a good job compared to those who may have missed the target slightly,” said the team boss sports1 quoted. The message is clear: Mercedes is responsible for its own problems and a rule change should solve the problems that the Mercedes technical team is not able to solve.

Instructions for Mercedes – Horner gives the competitors tips

However, Christian Horner does not want to feel misunderstood, because one should “never drive an unsafe car. But that is more a task for the technicians […]“. And it is precisely these Mercedes technicians that Horner gives a tip that is intended to be more of a tip: “You can always screw a thicker base onto the car if you want to. And you can decide for yourself how high you drive the car, right? That would be the first and simplest solution.”

You can always screw a thicker floor to the car if you want.

Naturally, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff a slightly different view of things. “Everything is related to the aerodynamic performance of the underbody,” Wolff concludes. An argument aimed in the direction of intervention by the Technical Commission of the FIA.

In addition to Vettel, a Red Bull driver is also publicly calling for a rule change

But it’s not the case that only Mercedes is affected by the problem of “hopping” cars. Sebastian Vettel – also opinionated on topics apart from Formula 1 – Lewis Hamilton jumped in and called for intervention by the FIA: “It can’t be that we’ve been driving around like this for four years.”

Sebastian Vettel
Says his opinion clearly: Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel. © Daniel Cole/AP/dpa

Also Pierre Gasly from AlphaTauri – Junior team from Red Bull Racing – complains publicly about the setting of the racing cars this season. “I put my health at risk for performance,” the Frenchman clarifies. Although an indication that the teams can certainly change something by adjusting the cars, it is also an accusation from their own ranks that Christian Horner could do without. (sh)

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