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Red Flames win 4-1 against Northern Ireland thanks to Wullaert and Van Kerkhoven

Red Flames win 4-1 against Northern Ireland thanks to Wullaert and Van Kerkhoven

Tessa Wullaert (23rd and 86th) and Ella Van Kerkhoven (83rd and 90th+3) scored the Belgian goals, Lauren Wade (45th) had provisionally equalized. The Northern Irish have been playing at ten since the 69th minute and the red received by goalkeeper Jackie Burns. The Northern Irish women started the game well, with a breakthrough on the left from Kirsty McGuiness followed by a cross shot which alerted Nicky Evrard (2nd). The Red Flames gradually settled into the opposing camp and found the opening on their first real chance: Tine De Caigny launched on the left Davina Philtjens who crossed in one time for Tessa Wullaert, who scored her 66th goal for the national team (23rd ).

Just before the break, Lauren Wade picked up a ball that was trailing outside the rectangle and struck instantly, leaving Evravrd (45′) no chance.

Up at the break, Elena Dhont immediately distinguished herself by sowing panic in the Northern Irish defense. However, she failed to frame (56th).

Belgian pressure intensified with a shot from De Caigny repelled by Jackie Burns (60′), a shot from Dhont from just wide (62′) and an off target header from Wullaert (63′).

In the 69th, goalkeeper Burns, out of her rectangle, wrongfully stopped Wullaert launched towards the goal. The red was immediate.

The deliverance came in the 82nd minute when Ella Van Kerkhoven, back in the national team after a year’s absence due to injuries, headed in a cross from Dhont at the far post.

In the process, Tessa Wullaert, with a shot from the entrance to the rectangle, brought the score to 3-1 (86th).

Van Kerkhoven punctuated his return with a double by recovering a header from Féli Delacauw repelled by Becky Flaherty (90th + 3).

The Red Flames will play two more preparation matches, Sunday (5:00 p.m.) against Austria and next Tuesday (8:00 p.m.) against Luxembourg before flying to England, where they will compete on July 10 against Iceland.

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